You are a walking sensor

The DNA of the Internet of Things #IoT are the sensors, and I guarantee that you are very well sensed. Your heart, your liver or your kidney take good note of your habits, cares, healthy practices and twisted thoughts. Your bones offer a lot of information about the structure that supports you, and in the densiometry tests, share this data with your doctor.

Not to mention your veins and arteries that accumulate as irrefutable evidence, your cholesterol, fats, nicotine, tar, contamination or glucose. They also whip up your doctor when you go over and do not behave. Another thing is that you want to go to the clinic to be told when you know that you have not behaved. What I do not think you reject is that they help you heal or mitigate possible consequences.

If you have undergone a stress test, have undergone surgery or entered the emergency room, you already know what an artificial sensor is, the above are natural sensors, as they will have been stuck throughout your body.

A stethoscope is a very familiar sensor, one end is put your doctor in your ears, the other, damn cold on your chest and back. It measures the heartbeat and if the respiratory system is good, as far as I know.

Technology, the Internet of Things, are enabling these artificial sensors to be comfortable to carry, affordable for anyone, interesting in their measurements and can help us to live longer and with better quality of life.

A mobile phone like the one you carry with you, is loaded with sensors. The positioning compass, the GPS location, the speed accelerometer and I do not doubt (as I’ve told several times) that soon incorporate a powerful bionic nose.

For what? To detect pheromones emanating from those you attract.

Is not that enough? All right; Perfumes, wine tastings, state of food, allergies, flowers, or early detection of cancer in your breath. Many people run or bike in the green areas of Madrid when Ozone 3 is soaring in levels. Ozone 3 is very harmful to health and breathing when it is at its highest levels does not do you any good even if you run and sweat and you believe you are doing something healthy. Some experts compare it to smoking. The human nose (plagued by sensors) is not able to detect in its fragrant particles when this situation of high pollution occurs. Other animals like bears have much more powerful natural noses.

A simple olfactory sensor inserted in your smart mobile phone would tell you, do not run today in this area, go elsewhere or leave it for another day.

Intelligent watches add more and more sensors measuring steps with your pedometer, pulsations in our wrist, blood pressure and very soon other biometric variables that may prevent a possible myocardial infarction or other events that could lead you ahead.

A car is a bunch of sensors, some talk to you and tell you not to bother to park in that hole because you do not fit, others talk to your mechanic.

I think a bionic hair that grows artificially with the rest of your hairs in the middle of your scalp and can not be distinguished from the rest could collect information of your daily life, what you eat, what you smoke, what sports you practice, what viruses They attack you, as are your defenses and your moods. You can tell your human doctor, your robot doctor or you to take it seriously and put it on your side. Nanotechnology allows or will allow it in a handful of months. Do not you want a hair? Well, a chip in one of your nails.

A sensitized humanity will be less sick and will reach levels of preventive medicine that we can not imagine, but this faces a profound dilemma:

Privacy or health?

We’re going to have to choose, it’s not going to be an easy decision. I have mine clear.





I live rounded by animals and I share their tales in fables. Vivo rodeado de animales y comparto sus historias en fábulas.

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Sixto Arias

Sixto Arias

I live rounded by animals and I share their tales in fables. Vivo rodeado de animales y comparto sus historias en fábulas.

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